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Sometimes, people who identify themselves as Christian Polygamists
find themselves uncertain as to how or why the TruthBearer organization
is personally relevant for their own lives.  They genuinely wonder these
things even as they mentally and spiritually agree with the TruthBearer
Mission and Agenda.

Due to their not seeing much personal relevance to their own lives in this
regard, sometimes such sincere people are otherwise perplexed about such things,
for example, as why they would ever need to be a TruthBearer Member. 
And sometimes, other people, for some reason, think that they somehow
can not afford to be a TruthBearer Member. Things like these.

To clarify the issues, therefore, this web-page here simply presents a short story
to provide insight into such matters, for all of us who believe that Christian
Polygamy is important enough to us to want to one day see society accept it.

The truth is, this Cause IS important for each of our own lives.  And the absolute
fact is that we can not afford to NOT support our Cause. 

All readers are encouraged to be sure to read this all the way through.

May this be a blessing for all who read it.

                             "Because I need it"

THE SCENE:  Two people are chatting online.  Their nicknames are
"Happy_Go_Lucky" and "Lets_Do_It."


Happy_Go_Lucky:  "Hello!"

Lets_Do_It:  "Hi there"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "So do you believe that Christian Polygamy is truth, too?"

Lets_Do_It:  "Yes I do."

Happy_Go_Lucky:   "Me too. I'm looking to find another wife."

Lets_Do_It:  "Oh yeah?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Please pray for me that God will send me another wife into my
family, ok?"

Lets_Do_It:  "You're really serious about Christian Polygamy then, huh?

Happy_Go_Lucky: "EXTREMELY"

Lets_Do_It:  "Oh yeah?  Great.  I am also quite committed to Christian

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Great!!!!!!!!"

Lets_Do_It:  "I am looking forward to seeing things change in our society, so
that we can have the freedom to marry more than one wife if God so calls us."

Happy_Go_Lucky:   "Me too!!!!!!"

Lets_Do_It:  "Oh yeah?  Great!  Then I guess you're a TruthBearer Member too,

Happy_Go_Lucky:   "Naaah.  I can't afford it."

Lets_Do_It:  "What do you mean?

Happy_Go_Lucky:  "Well, you know how it is.  My bills are expensive.  Gotta
watch my pennies."

Lets_Do_It:  "Most of us have to do that, for sure."

Happy_Go_Lucky:  "I love the TruthBearer organization, don't get me wrong.  They
alone are doing the important work to make it easy for all of us.  I go to the
web-sites a lot.  Because of their hard work, one day we'll all be able to live
polygamously free!  I praise God for them.  I just can't afford to be a Member.
That's all."

Lets_Do_It:  "We all gotta watch our bills.  I know that one.  Tell me, do you
own your house?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Yes I do."

Lets_Do_It:  "Got children?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Three beautiful little ones!"

Lets_Do_It:  "You are truly blessed. You're wealthy beyond your wildest dreams!"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "I don't know about that."

Lets_Do_It:  "Don't you love your children and glad you have a house?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Of course I do!"

Lets_Do_It:  "Then you are blessed with the true wealth beyond your wildest
dreams.  I know of Christians who have so given of themselves to help other
Christian families that they can't even afford that.  Children and a house, true
blessings for any of us to have, for sure.  You are truly blessed."

Happy_Go_Lucky: "When you put it that way, Wow.  You're right.  I AM BLESSED!
God is so good in how He provides and blesses. Thank you for reminding me of

Lets_Do_It:  "Amen!  God IS good!   We should always count our blessings.
....And you're also able to pay your bills?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Oh yeah, that's not a problem.  Sometimes it gets tight, but if
I watch what I am doing, I can usually get around it."

Lets_Do_It:  "So you pay your electricity bill then, right?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Oh yeah."

Lets_Do_It:  "Why do you pay it?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Uh..... Because I need it?"

Lets_Do_It:  "Me too."

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Why do you ask THAT?"

Lets_Do_It:  "I was wondering.   Why do you pay any of the bills you do?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Same reason:  Because I need it."

Lets_Do_It:  "Uh-huh. So, the things you need, you pay for, right?""

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Of course!  That's how it works here in America.  I'm not a
communist!    lol  :)  "

Lets_Do_It:  "Communist?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Yeah, that's a person who expects something for nothing, it's
downright un-American to think that way.  When I work for someone, I expect to
be paid. And when someone works for me, I expect to pay them. That's fair and
that's freedom."

Lets_Do_It:  "Ok, I can accept that."

Happy_Go_Lucky: "It's also un-Christian to not pay for things we buy.  Jesus
said that a workman is worthy of his hire :)  "

Lets_Do_It:  "Amen.  You explain that all so well!  I can see you're glad to be
a responsibly free and Godly person!  Me too.   So, why do you buy things?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Because I need them.  You're asking silly questions!  lol "

Lets_Do_It:  "Am I?  I certainly don't mean to be silly, although I like to be
silly sometimes, but in a good way."

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Ok."

Lets_Do_It:  "So, when you need something but money's tight so that you think
you can't afford it, what do you do then?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "I pray and then I start figuring out how I can do it."

Lets_Do_It:  "That's a great way to do it.  I do that too."

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Funny how God always seems to make things work out when I do
that too!"

Lets_Do_It:  "Yep.   God is so good!"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Amen."

Lets_Do_It:  "Of course, though, you wouldn't bother doing that for anything
that was not important, right?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Well, duh!  lol   Of course not.  There you go again, asking
silly questions! lol "

Lets_Do_It: "Silly me!  But seriously, do we both agree that, when something is
important and we need it, we pray and then find ways to afford things that we
need, and also that when things are not important to us, we don't and shouldn't

Happy_Go_Lucky:  "Amen!"

Lets_Do_It: "So, you're praying for another wife, right?"

Happy_Go_Lucky:   "I sure am!"

Lets_Do_It:  "Why?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Another silly question!  Because it's important.  And, also, I
believe that God wants me to marry another woman who may need what our family
might be able to provide."

Lets_Do_It:  "So you believe you are called to marry another wife?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Yes.  Do you have a problem with that?"

Lets_Do_It:  "Not at all, although, I am sure a few people might possibly be a
little uncomfortable with wording it that way.  Not me, though.  Are you
committed to the profound responsibilities and hardships you'll have if or when
God leads you to another wife for you to marry?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "I sure am!  I am ready."

Lets_Do_It:  "Won't it be great when we're free to live polygamously?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "It sure will.  I can't wait!"

Lets_Do_It:  "How do you think that's going to happen?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "The work that the TruthBearer organization is doing is slowly
getting the job done."

Lets_Do_It:  "I agree.  That organization's work is important."

Happy_Go_Lucky: "It sure is!  Amen."

Lets_Do_It:  "So, you support what the organization is doing?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Duh!  lol   Of course."

Lets_Do_It:  "Why do you support it?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Because I need it."

Lets_Do_It:  "You need it?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Well,  when I get another wife, I will."

Lets_Do_It:  "So, please help me understand something here.  May I ask you a few
questions to help me understand something here?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Sure!  Go ahead."

Lets_Do_It:  "Again, I'm trying to understand.  Why aren't you a TruthBearer

Happy_Go_Lucky: "I told you, I can't afford it at this time."

Lets_Do_It:  "Right, I remember you saying that.  Yet TruthBearer's work is
important to you, though?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Uh-huh."

Lets_Do_It:  "And it's doing the work of God to help you and your future family
when you believe that God would lead you to marry another wife?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Yes...."

Lets_Do_It:  "And you need the organization to do that?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Yes, again."

Lets_Do_It:  "And you believe that someone or a group working for you is worthy
of their hire, because you're not an un-Christian communist?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Absolutely.  I think I smell something cooking here....   : )

Lets_Do_It:  "When the leadership of the TruthBearer organization stand before
politicians, or conduct interviews with the media, or perform public speaking
engagements, you want those others to see the organization of as having strong credibility and clout, power to
influence them?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "I sure do."

Lets_Do_It:  "Do you realize that if everyone who says they think that the
TruthBearer organization's work is important, but didn't become Members, then
those politicians, media, and others would not easily take the organization as
seriously as they otherwise would if the organization had even larger numbers of
Members and financial strength of all supporters together working for the

Happy_Go_Lucky: "I do now!  I hadn't thought of it that way before."

Lets_Do_It:  "If 1000 more people stopped saying they couldn't afford the $15 a
month, that would mean $15,000 a month!  How much faster do you think that the
organization could more seriously accomplish some things for the Cause?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Wow!  I see your point.  Again, I never realized it this way

Lets_Do_It:  "Do you agree that it's better for 1000 people to share a burden
each of only 50 cents a day than for a small group of people to each personally
bear a burden of $100s and $1000s a month, some even laying down their personal
lives unto poverty to make it possible, instead?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Oh my!  I hadn't thought of that."

Lets_Do_It:  "Now, you're committed to the costs and responsibilities that will
come when you marry another wife, right?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "I sure am.  I trust God!"

Lets_Do_It:  "And whenever something is financially difficult, you always pray
and find ways to pay for it anyway, right?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "I see where you're going with this!  Yes, yes, yes, of course!
lol  "

Lets_Do_It:  "Are you saying that you now see that it's important for you, too,
to be a TruthBearer Member?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Yes indeed."

Lets_Do_It:  "So you can pray and figure out how to afford it?"

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Oh yeah, it's only fifty cents a day, I spend more than that on
beverages!  To think that some have laid down their lives unto poverty to cover
the costs so that I might one day be able to have a polygamous family that is
free, how could I NOT afford 50 cents a day compared to that?"

Lets_Do_It:  "One wonders how those Christians must feel when they hear people
say they can't afford 50 cents a day, eh?   lol "

Happy_Go_Lucky: "That's true.  Ouch!   Come to think of it, if I were to really
think that I cannot afford 50 cents a day, then how on earth do I think I could
afford marrying another wife anyway?  heehee :)  I see the commitment issue, for
sure, and I really am serious about Christian Polygamy.   The way I now see it,
I can't afford NOT to be a TruthBearer Member."

Lets_Do_It:  "Yeah, it's funny how inexpensive a Membership really is, when we
realize it's importance.  I have heard so many people say they want a second
wife, but then turn around and also say they can't afford a Membership.  Kinda
funny, isn't it?  lol  How's the saying go? 'You can't have your cake and eat it
too.'  (I also wonder why, if they are so truly unfortunately poor that they
genuinely can't afford 50 cents a day, that they never think of possible barter
for Membership either.)  Anyway, that you now understand these things makes you
such a kind blessing to see indeed."

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Oh yeah, I see it.  Thanks for helping me here."

Lets_Do_It:  "Glad to do so.  Sometimes, other people get upset about this kind
of thing, though.  What they don't realize is that when they get upset with me
about this, all they show me is that they really are not all that serious about
the Cause of Christian Polygamy anyway. I mean why should they be upset that I
would want us to work together to achieve what we all say we want?  lol  Oh
well,   I just love them and leave them be."

Happy_Go_Lucky: "I understand.   Do you know, offhand, the way I can join?"

Lets_Do_It:  "The sign-up URL is at  Be sure
to sign up for three months.  Your email address will be added to the active
supporters Members listserv and you'll receive your own special password to the
private Members Area."

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Thanks!"

Lets_Do_It:  "Glad to be of help.  I'll see you on the Members listserv.  Before
we end this chat here, I have one last question for you.  If someone asked you
why you've now decided to become a TruthBearer Member, what would your answer

Happy_Go_Lucky: "Because I need it."

Lets_Do_It:  "Amen!"



It is hoped that this short story has been a blessing for all who have read it.

For anything we each personally find to be important to us, we will direct our
attention and funds, "because we need it".  And now we realize that for those of
us who genuinely want Christian Polygamy to advance, we must work together to
strengthen our Cause and get the job done indeed.

Let's Do It!

It is important for own personal lives, even if we are not actually
"practicing polygamists".

And we actually can not afford to NOT support it as TruthBearer Members.

As we strengthen our work together, we strengthen our credibility and clout.
That enhances our viability as a "movement" (as it were) to be taken seriously
and to have influence upon society unto acceptance of Christian Polygamy.

We're "in" this together!

Thus is the absolute importance for being a TruthBearer Member.  It IS relevant
and important for each of us indeed!

For all of our sake, we do so.... "Because we need it".

If you're one of US, come help us in this Cause, become a TruthBearer Member right now. Come help US Change the Course of History!
Come join US today!

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