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Our "Cause"?

What is our "Cause"?

To begin with, is a non-sectarian organization for Christian Polygamy. And, as will soon be explained herein, this is vitally important because the absolute reality is this: obtaining the de-criminalization of polygamy can only start with Christians first!

This organization,, has been and is leading the way in providing the successful leadership to advance the following:

    Intellectual and Moral Advocacy & Activism for
          Pro-Marriage Choice of POLYGAMY.

Successfully working to build social and political constituencies to obtain de-criminalization for

  • freely-consenting,
  • adult,
  • non-abusive,
  • non-lascivious,
  • marriage-committed

Successfully tearing down the "house of cards" of society's anti-polygamy thinking by, first, removing the "first floor". That is, successfully persuading conservative Judeo-Christian constituencies of polygamy's biblicality, via our new phenomenon of "Christian Polygamy" rhetoric. (This is not Mormon.)

Once that "first floor" is removed, other "floors" come crashing down; such other constituencies are easily persuaded.

  • Liberals, by tolerance.
  • Feminists, by women's choice.
  • Conservatives, by helping abandoned single moms have new choice for proven pro-marriage husbands with consenting wives.

We're Changing the Course of History!

No one else can successfully obtain the de-criminalization of polygamy, until after the Judeo-Christian constituencies are so persuaded. Liberals can't do it. Mormons can't do it. Only fellow conservative Judeo-Christian believers can do it; only they can persuade their fellow conservative Judeo-Christian adherants. The absolute reality is this: obtaining the de-criminalization of polygamy can only start with Christians first!

And it has!, a cross-denominational, Christ-centered, Spirit-led, Scripture-believing organization, has led and is leading the way!

Only this organization is successfully removing that "first floor" of the "house of cards" of anti-polygamy thinking!

We are succeeding!

The organization of is successfully advancing societal acceptance of Christian Polygamy, via our exclusive TruthBearer AGENDA, which will be accomplished via our exclusive TruthBearer MISSION, Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches. We are successfully working to persuade the Churches, doing so exclusively through both absolute Scripture and the preaching of the TruthBearer Vision of love-not-force.

Why do we do this?   Because it's 100% Biblical. Because marriage is awesome. And because freedom is essential! We're working hard and succeeding to help families have a Biblically-solid and real choice for freedom!

If you're one of US, come help us in this Cause, become a TruthBearer Member right now. Come help US Change the Course of History!
Come join US today!

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Our "Cause"?
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