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There's no more time to waste! If you support polygamy --really, really support polygamy--- then the time to help is NOW!

It is literally going to take millions of dollars to win the fight for "polygamy rights." Our very freedom is at stake. Real action has to be taken NOW. Real money has to be spent to accomplish the goals of our freedom. is the name you know can trust. This cross-denominational organization has repeatedly proven its dedication and credibility in fighting for "polygamy rights." No else has obtained as much positive media-attention for actually successfully advancing the intellectual pro-polygamy view.

So, the issue of money is obviously not about "profit." It's about fighting for our very freedom.

And that's why we who are real supporters prove it by "putting our money where our mouth is." Others may choose to do nothing, but those of us who really want real freedom of "polygamy rights," become TruthBearer Members.

If that sounds like you, as well, then we would really like to meet you too!

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  • Have a website hosted at no extra charge
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  • Be informed of news / info before anyone else.

  • Be truthfully funding the "polygamy rights" Cause.

  • Be a proven supporter of polygamy.

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Become a TruthBearer MemberBecome a TruthBearer MemberBecome a TruthBearer Member
Become a TruthBearer MemberBecome a TruthBearer Member

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